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Travel in Style & Ease with Audi's App Based Rentals

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Standing in the sweltering LA heat wondering where our rental car shuttle was, my friend Katie and I wondered aloud "does this rental car place even exist?" After 30 minutes of waiting on the curb we decided, OK we will just get on one of the shuttles and hope for the best. We did find the place eventually, but of course there was only one attendant and all in all it took about 2 hours to get into our dinky Kia. God forbid we should come back with a slightly less than full gas tank, lest we be charged a $30 filling fee plus $10 a gallon. Sound like something that has happened to you? Well than maybe its time to upgrade to Silvercar.

Silvercar is an App based car rental service by Audi, that takes all the hassle out of renting a car. You download the App, fill out your profile, reserve your car, then when you’ve landed in your destination a Silvercar whisks you up at arrivals as soon as you hit the pavement.

For about $60 a day you get a late model Audi A4 equipped with curbside pickup and drop-off which means no more waiting for a shuttle, or paying for a taxi. The cars also come with GPS, a sunroof and a satellite radio.

Before you take off on your travels the attendant at the Silvercar rental station just scans the Silvercar app on your phone and your photo ID and you are off. If you bring the car back on empty, they only charge $5 as a fee and then fill it up for you at market gas rates. Silvercar has taken away all the superfluous surcharges, long lines and tedious check-in processes that make rental cars so miserable. The folks at the Silvercar spot near the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport were helpful, really nice, quick and gave us some great directions to a taco place nearby, so I would definitely recommend going there if you are in the area.

All things considered, Silvercar is slightly more expensive than the cheapest rental car. That being said the service is efficient, the cars are beautiful visually and in terms of handling, plus the time it saves you from waiting in lines for the shuttle and for your actual car, you’ll be saving quality vacation hours and when it comes down to it, that’s what it is all about.

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TAKE20 @ checkout will also get you 20% off your first ride.

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