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People always say, 'wherever you go, there you are.' That no matter how far you travel you'll still bring along your bad habits, weird attitudes, and all that pesky dogma. While that might be true of say, taking a Caribbean cruise vacation, the magic of the wilderness can bring you outside yourself. So whether you need a respite from you, want to push your athletic abilities on a backpacking trip, or you just want some epic Instagram pics, you've come to the right travel blog. 

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About Me

Hey! Maia Powell here, TV host and lover of all things outdoorsy and unexpected.  I've always had a passion for getting outside and finding unique experiences that make me feel alive. In 2014, I created this blog as a resource for those of you who want to take trips that are adventurous (think hiking, backpacking, skiing) but also have a touch of luxury to them. Follow my lead as I take you from dirty hiker clothes to Michelin starred restaurants, to full moon parties in far-flung locales. 

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